Who are we and what is our vision?

Sanctuary exists to help Episcopalians in Upper South Carolina who are deeply concerned about the direction of The Episcopal Church and the decisions of our leaders, both at the national level and at the diocesan level.  Since we were founded in 2004, we have offered strategy and teaching events with noted speakers and theologians, offered counsel and a listening ear to individuals and groups, and established communication through a variety of tools, including a website, email newsletter, small group meetings and meals, and a Facebook page. 

Over the years we have learned that the most important gift we can offer Episcopalians in this diocese who believe the Gospel is the discovery that there are many more individuals who are equally concerned about the actions of our church's leadership. Simply put, we have done our best work by connecting people, and allowing them to encourage, teach, strategize, learn, and act together, rather than alone.

If you are interested in connecting with other Episcopalians, receiving our email newsletter, participating in periodic small group discussions, or attending a larger-scale teaching event, make sure you fill out our contact form.

May God bless you as you seek to remain faithful to Christ's Gospel as a member of a very troubled, faithless, and divided national organization.



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