Welcome to Sanctuary, a Company of orthodox Episcopalians in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

We are a group of Episcopal Christians, initially formed in response to the heretical actions that were officially, legally, publicly, nationally, and formally approved and promoted by the 2003 General Convention of The Episcopal Church, as well as the general drift away from proclaiming the Christian gospel by most of the bishops and many clergy of The Episcopal Church. Since then, the current leadership of the denomination has grown significantly more corrupt and faithless, while consolidating their control over the formal instruments of power in the denomination. But national leadership is never all there is to an organization, and there are many laity, clergy, and parishes in the church who remain faithful to the Gospel and active within informal networks that bypass official structures. We are deeply thankful for the community that has formed over the years of faithful Christians in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina and believe that God has blessed us immensely, both with personal and community growth in Him. Our goal is to continue to form that community, developing a portfolio of communication and fellowship tools that allow us to connect, encourage, educate, inspire, and disciple others.

Read on to learn more about us and our mission, connect with us, and view a number of online resources. If you'd like to participate in a community that focuses on discipling, evangelizing, and growing in faith, be sure to like us at the Red Quiver Facebook page.


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